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This website is solitary for educational purposes. We hope that it will be beneficial to microbiology students, researchers and teachers around the globe. It does not provide all the growing answers to the changing field of microbiology. However, we believe that users will find it breathtaking each time they visit. The lists of textbooks we have gone through are included as references for you to get more in-depth information.

The most important thing is that we should never stop to learn. Learning is a continuum, and not a dead end strategy. You can reach us via email on: contact@microbiologyclass.com or class4microbiology@gmail.com let’s talk microbiology!

Please feel free to send us your questions & comments, as well as any TOPIC you want us to discuss or include on the site for users. More so, the opinions and views expressed here are entirely of “our own volition“. They are not a reflection of our current employer, past employer or any future employer that we may be associated with.

Thank you!


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