November 22, 2021 Microbiology 0

Malaria is an insect-transmitted parasitic disease characterized by recurrent episodes of fever and anaemia (loss of blood) in some cases caused by the Plasmodium species […]


November 21, 2021 Microbiology 0

Mosquito species including those of Anopheles carry out effective breeding and survival in freshwaters (i.e. waters with low salinity) than in salt waters (i.e. waters […]


November 20, 2021 Microbiology 1

Leishmaniasis is the parasitic disease caused by the protozoal organism, Leishmania. The disease affects the skin, spleen and the liver, and it is usually characterized […]


November 19, 2021 Microbiology 0

Giardiasis is a water-borne protozoal diarrheal-disease that is cause by parasites in the genus Giardia. The disease is a common intestinal infection which is usually […]


November 17, 2021 Microbiology 0

Dracunculiasis is a crippling parasitic disease that is caused by a tissue nematode (roundworm) which is usually found in the subcutaneous tissue of infected humans. […]


August 27, 2021 Microbiology 0

Mutagenesis is the careful alteration of the genetic information of an organism’s genome in such a way that it will result in a mutation.  It […]