July 22, 2021 Microbiology 0

BIOSURFACTANTS The surface active agents synthesized by microbes are mainly composed of glycolipids, peptides, lipoproteins, fatty acids, glycopeptides and phospholipids. Several factors affect the production […]


July 21, 2021 Microbiology 0

A surfactant is a chemical substance or an organic compound that lowers the surface tension between two liquids. They can also be applied to lower […]


April 3, 2021 Microbiology 0

Microbial energetics is defined as the mechanisms by which bacteria and other microbial cells derive the energy they require for growth from their environment. Microbial […]


March 25, 2021 Microbiology 0

Geomicrobiology is the study of the interactions between microbes and minerals. Geomicrobiology (Geochemical microbiology) is the branch of microbiology that studies the applications of microorganisms […]